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A Pot I am Rather Pleased With


It’s not the greatest photo (still working on that!), but this is one of the few pieces from my recent firing that I like. As a matter of fact, I like this vase quite a bit – drips, imperfections, and all!

The pot was dipped using Falls Creek Shino under Scott’s Red. I like the way the red broke and allows the shino to peek through all over. The inside is just shino. But instead of the cream color you see on the outside, inside is a textured, toasty-looking  brown. You can get the idea by looking at the very top edge of the vase in this photo.

This did not turn out even remotely like I thought it would. I wasn’t going for pink! According to the test tile I had, it should have been a good solid crimson. I am thinking I may have put the Falls Creek on a bit too thickly. But I am calling this one a happy accident!


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