Long Time Gone

Happy Fall! It has been a loooonnnnnggggg time since I have posted. I hope you missed me – at least a little! 😉

Quite a bit has happened since my last post, back in early December. Some good, some bad, some just dang annoying. I am trying to learn to let go and roll with the things that are beyond my control. There are days I am mostly successful. Other days I feel stuck in the bottom of a pit of despair.

The Good(s) –

1) I have a job that I absolutely love. WOOT, WOOT! I work with a fantastic group of people, at a company where I finally feel like I fit in. Yay! No more temping! Besides having a solid future, this company seems to have a sound moral and ethical base, gives back to the community, believes in work/life balance, and supports the growth of its employees. I enjoy going to work every day, and it has been a long time since I have been able to say that.

2) I got to take my first paid summer vacation in several years! First time in Myrtle Beach; we were not disappointed. It was a week of great sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and fun with the family. We all enjoyed ourselves, and will definitely be going back in the future.

3) We moved earlier this month. Since I have not been able to convince my husband that a house is preferable, we are in another apartment. But the building is newer (meaning less repair issues), the apartment is lovely, in a town we really like, and our neighbors seem great. It is a very pet-friendly neighborhood, and we are close to both the walking path and the gym. Furthermore, we have a lovely, large, covered  porch, which is suitable for throwing pots on in decent weather.

The Bad (With Silver Lining) –

I have NOT been able to throw any pots since my last post. Yes, for nearly a year. AAARRRGGGHHH! My poor unused wheel has been sitting in a corner giving me dirty looks since December.

I apparently gave myself a case of tennis elbow from so much throwing over the Summer and Fall, and have been letting things alone so it could heal. By Spring, I thought I may finally be to a point that I could start throwing again. But, BAM! Literally a day or two after entertaining that notion, shooting pain and swelling even worse than ever. To the point that I could not lift my arm at all without crying. Difficult to get dressed, nearly impossible to sleep. It even hurt to write.

In my sleep-deprived crankiness, I had a moment of lucidity, and decided to go see an acupuncturist. It was a truly wonderful experience! The decrease in pain after my first visit was tangible, and by the third visit (over the course of a week), I was back to normal, with only a little lingering soreness.

The Annoying (Also With Silver Lining) –

My computer also died in December. SIGH!

Yes, it was a refurbished one, but I had only owned it for (almost exactly) a year. The consensus of my techie friends (far more knowledgeable than I) was that it was the power supply. It would be an inexpensive fix. So, to Amazon I went, and bought the appropriate unit. Hubby very generously and exactingly installed it for me. Excitement mounted. I pressed the power button, and… NOTHING! BOO!

So with some patience (which is not my strong suit), some saving, and my husband’s unexpected work bonus, I was able to buy my first laptop in March. I know, I know, I am behind the times… Now I am loving my shiny, brand new bit of technology, and no longer need to surf the web and read email or blog posts on my cell phone.

In The End –

As you can see, everything worked out well in the end, in just about every circumstance. So now life is back on an even keel. I am waaayyyyy behind in my timeline of goals, but mostly healthy, happy, employed, and hooked to the technological lifeline that is the Internet. I am also getting my DIY/decorating fix doing our new abode. With a husband who is cheerfully installing curtain rods, and agreeable to (or at least tolerant of) discussions regarding new furniture, color schemes, and area rugs.

Life is good.

Yes, the arm is still sore, but mostly better. I am tempted to give my wheel some much needed attention in these next couple of weeks. But I now know to never throw pots for 6 hours or more at a stretch. Not. Ever. Again.

If anyone knows good exercises to prevent future tennis elbow flare-ups, please share!

May Health, Happiness, and Contentment be Yours!


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