Hi, my name is Stephanie Wright. I am a passionate potter/artist/quilter/crafter in Cary, NC. Additionally, I am a wife, daughter, and stepmom, who also has a day job.

This blog started as I was about to embark on a journey to sell my art. After many years of learning and refining, I thought I was ready to take the plunge. However, life gets in the way sometimes. Although there have been some snags and stalls along the way, I try not to let life’s ups and downs deter me!

Follow me as I learn the business ropes, follow my dreams, record my journey, sort through random musings, and evolve into the artist and woman I am meant to become.

I am out to prove that success is not only possible, it’s inevitable. With a little work, a little support, and a lot of optimism, I intend to prove it’s great to be Wright! 🙂


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